The Examination of Applying Illustration Style to Animated Commercial

Sunday, November 28, 2010

DJCAD-motion graphic text from kaye on Vimeo.

Hey guys!
I want to make a 3d advertisement so I decide to learn about Cinema 4D.I made this logo yesterday by following online-tutorial,I used Cinema 4D and After effects to make it work and learn about how to use random effector to animate a logo and texture the logo with different textures for the front and sides.In the next step I prepare to get start the modeling section in Cinema 4D.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


  Chi Oshikko 氏の尿 by ice©ream

Re-Build from icecream on Vimeo.

ice©ream is Nicolas Dufoure, he is art director, graphic and motion designer.
His work revolves around still and motion experiments using a wide range of technics including 3D, vector graphics, drawing and painting.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

research poster

This is the research poster I made for research methods & skills module.I use four colors to distinguish different period of produce process and use handmade font to highlight the theme.I think this poster could clearly convey my concepts.Besides,It's eye-catching,isn't it?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

short film analysis - CocaCola advertisement

This is an odinary boy who loves playing football.He can't watch world cup in the court, but the advertiser built an amazing celebration for him- He flied like a plane,danced like a robot,rocked by strangers,crossed the ocean,climbed the mountain.However,tired and thirsty made the boy exhausted.When he nearly gave up,CocaCola make him full of energy and refresh himself.Then he realized that the only place he need to explore was inside himself.

This advertisement is not only pay attention to showing CocaCola's taste and package but also showing the sport spirit and the feeling that CocaCola could bring to customers.
The advertiser use several symbols:people flied,huge robots,giant rocks,etc.They turned the grass into a court and made everything possible.This is the most incredible thing that animated advertisement could achieve-build a fantastic world.

I think the Brand spirit is the most significant element of an advertisement which may determine the sales of production,CocaCola already have 66 years history.This brand has high reputation in the soft drink market and everyone is familiar with its taste.Hence advertiser pay much attention to propagating a spirit that everyone could celebrate World Cup in their own way and CocaCola will always cheer you up.

Maybe you can not watch world cup in South Africa but you can celebrate it in your home and CocaCola will always accompany with you.

Nowaday,Advertisement is not only for introducing functions and features of productions but also for building up brands and spirits thus making advertisement itself more attractive and impressive.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

new work

A recent illustration work

This is a character I designed for Scott's project- a music videos for the band named The View.
The requirement of the character design:
A nurse standing at the entrance of a hospital smoking a cigarette, she has to look exhausted and sad. (the scene should express how the nurse looks)
I'm still working on my research poster.It's really confused me that the research poster has to be attractive but contains all crucial methods at the same time.Maybe I need a brainstorming...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Former works

This is the animation I made with 2 other teammates this year.It tooks our 6 months to make it perfect.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

short film analysis

The color of the film:The story took place in a golden yellow cornfield but the saturation and the lightness are relative low.Sky is dusky and there is no one there except a crow.(Crow is the symbol of unlucky.)The crow stood on the sign make audience feel mystery and fear.In the end of the film,it turn out that the farmer was delivered a child for the woman,then color tone turn warm and bright,the saturation and lightness are higher than before.

The plots of the film:The director pay much attention on details,such as the mobile phone with busy tone,cloth with blood,the woman's shouting,knife,money on the ground....these details provide preparation for the unexpected result and leading the audience's mood to a wrong direction.
In the end,it turn out that the mobile phone is for calling the police,the cloth with blood is for delivering child and the woman's shouting is because of the childbearing.the knife is for cutting the umbilical cord. The farmer is not a profits-before-anything man because he didn't take the money.

Using of the camera:In the beginning,the director use several blank lens to depict a deserted cornfield and build a somber atmosphere.This make people think something will happen in this field.And then he use some close shots to depict the scean of the accident.(mobile phone,cloth,feet,knife...)Then it's a close shot of the farmer,from his hand with blood,to the tatoo then his face.These imply audience that the farmer is killer and this whole story is about a cruel murder.besides,the crow is like a crucial part of this film,the director insert close-up shot of the crow which make the atmosphere more intense.

Music&sounds:The music construct a tense and horrible atmosphere.The crow's shouting is run through the whole film.After farmer "kill" the woman,music turn to more intense and reach the climax while the farmer use cloth to wrap the baby,and then suddenly stopped,which make people feel confused.After delivered the baby the music style turn into gentle and peaceful.

The  greatest advantages of lovefield is using visual elements in narrative, and encourage audience thinking forward and forecast the plots. This method could be applied to  television commercials. The commercials do not have to present all features and functions of products. Advertiser could use visual elements to achieve audience's positive feeling, then they would think forward of the product's advantages by themselves.