The Examination of Applying Illustration Style to Animated Commercial

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Character modeling with C4d

In my point of view,realistic character modeling need strong skills in sculpture and anatomy.One have to know the structure of human body,especially the structure of muscle groups if he/she want to master character modeling.Cartoon characters generally exaggerate the human body,however,the basic structure is unchangeable.

I designed this character for practice.I think learn from workshop or online tutorials is good but I want to make something original.It's uncompleted.Maybe I'll finish it tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Programme of Study

Programme of study

The examination of applying illustration style to animated commercial

Project rationale:
Animation and illustration are two distinct media which have their own merits.Animation is a dynamic media which could demonstrate the characters and plots directly and effectively.Illustration is a static media which use interactive way to convey the information since audiences have to use their imagination to hypothesize and forecast the messages included in the illustration works.Making animated commercial which applied illustration style could not only intergrate the merits of two distinct media but also make profits and attract audience more effectively.

Explore the differences and similarities between static media and dynamic media.
Investigate the solubility of illustration media and animation media.
Analyse if animated commercial with illustration style can attract customers and make profits.

To test the the techniques of keeping original illustration style during the process of making animation films.
To explore the positive effects of combining illutration style with animated commercial
To creat animated commercial and illustration that could satisfy the audiences and clients.

Research Strategy:
1.collect animated advertisements which applied illustration style and investigate the benefits of combining static media with dynamic media.
2.Interview target audiences including general public,art collectors,employers & industry members and student's friends and family.Get feedback and define the orientation of the advertisement.
3.Make a TV advertisement for DJCAD's Master degree show.The time of the advertisement should be 1-2 minutes maximum.
4.Make a poster with illustration style for Master degree show.

Expected Outcomes:
1-2 minutes animated commercial and a poster for Master degree show.Both of them should have unified theme and purpose.

Key Challenges and Issues:
To what extent can animation media convey the informations concluded in illustration media?
Could animated commercial with illustration style deliver same effect of illustration?
Could animated commercial with illustration style attract audience and make profits more effectively?
Shortage of experiences in 3D animation production.

Study out two or three versions of script,deliberate the direction of pre-production with client.Ensure the settings in earlier stage are correspond with the market demand and public aesthetic.Analysing the market demand and defining the target audience at the same time.Interviewing target audiences and producers to get some feedback.

Concept art
Character design

background design

Visual effects
Making poster with illustration style

Objectives of the commercial:
- encourage general public to attend the show to find out what our masters students do.
- encourage art collectors to attend the show and purchase artwork.
- encourage employer and industry members to attend the show and recruit Masters graduates.
- promote DJCAD as a creative hub at the heart of the University of Dundee.

Monday, December 6, 2010

How to build a pixel world II

Finally I finish the scene today.It's really like a dollhouse,right? Now I'm gradually familiar with the modeling and lighting in Cinema 4d and I decide to make my final work with C4D.
Next step I prepare to get some feedback from the masters who major in different subjects.I'm working on a questionnaire for all masters.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to build a pixel world?

subprime from beeple on Vimeo.

Rita from media art sent me this interesting video named "subprime".All the elements in this film are geometry objects.I'm really fascinated by this kind of "pixel style" so I decide to find out how designer made this. Hence,I made this scene.It's unfinished but the style is similar.Now it just have couple of trees,a bed,walls,and floor.I plan to finish it tomorrow.It tooks me whole day to figure out how to add sky light and environment in this scene.I'm exhausted today...hope I can finish this tomorrow.Cross my fingers:)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

texture test

Recently I'm still working on the 3D practice.Because 3D study is brand new field for me.I have to make great efforts on it in consideration of that my final outcome is a 3d animated commercial.This is a texturing and lighting test.I want to explore how to utilize HDRI image on lighting and texturing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cinema 4D Modeling - Robot

Hi guys,I made this robot model with Cinema 4d by following this tutorial on

check the tutorial:Create a High Rez Clank Model in Cinema 4D – Day 1

This tutorial is not complete,so I have to model the rest of the robot myself.It tooks me almost 2 days.In my point of view,Cinema 4d is easier than Maya,especially the texturing section.

This is a motion graphic work,video and sound design by Candas Sisman.
I think the graphics interact with the sound effects perfectly.It's not a commercial but I think it attract people effectively with its unique style.This film inspire me so I want to share with you :)
BTW,It was made with Cinema 4D and the HDRI Light Kit Pro.

F L U X from candas sisman on Vimeo.