The Examination of Applying Illustration Style to Animated Commercial

Saturday, December 4, 2010

texture test

Recently I'm still working on the 3D practice.Because 3D study is brand new field for me.I have to make great efforts on it in consideration of that my final outcome is a 3d animated commercial.This is a texturing and lighting test.I want to explore how to utilize HDRI image on lighting and texturing.


Dylan Gauld said...

Hi Kaye,

Absolutely love the look you have achieved here - very nice!

Would be interested to know how you have setup your shaders for the spheres and the backgrounds - have you used a glass shader on the spheres?


kaye said...

hey Dylan,
I didn't use any glass shader,I made this with Cinema 4d and I just built a sky light which applied a hdri image and turn on the reflection option of the material on the spheres.

Dylan Gauld said...

Very nice - love the look, might have to sneak a look at HDRI lighting for my own work!

Cinema 4D? You don't want to use Maya anymore?