The Examination of Applying Illustration Style to Animated Commercial

Monday, December 6, 2010

How to build a pixel world II

Finally I finish the scene today.It's really like a dollhouse,right? Now I'm gradually familiar with the modeling and lighting in Cinema 4d and I decide to make my final work with C4D.
Next step I prepare to get some feedback from the masters who major in different subjects.I'm working on a questionnaire for all masters.


Matt Cameron said...

Wow that's amazing Kaye, great work! One thing I noticed about the Subprime piece is that it seemed to be shot with an orthographic camera (or maybe perspective from a great distance) to enhance the pixel effect. Have you tried that?

Kevin said...

Great job! and maybe apply a depth of field effect to it would be better, i think

kaye said...

I want to make a camera test after the presentation tomorrow.the designer use a full-length shot,but the animation is ceaseless.