The Examination of Applying Illustration Style to Animated Commercial

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

short film analysis - CocaCola advertisement

This is an odinary boy who loves playing football.He can't watch world cup in the court, but the advertiser built an amazing celebration for him- He flied like a plane,danced like a robot,rocked by strangers,crossed the ocean,climbed the mountain.However,tired and thirsty made the boy exhausted.When he nearly gave up,CocaCola make him full of energy and refresh himself.Then he realized that the only place he need to explore was inside himself.

This advertisement is not only pay attention to showing CocaCola's taste and package but also showing the sport spirit and the feeling that CocaCola could bring to customers.
The advertiser use several symbols:people flied,huge robots,giant rocks,etc.They turned the grass into a court and made everything possible.This is the most incredible thing that animated advertisement could achieve-build a fantastic world.

I think the Brand spirit is the most significant element of an advertisement which may determine the sales of production,CocaCola already have 66 years history.This brand has high reputation in the soft drink market and everyone is familiar with its taste.Hence advertiser pay much attention to propagating a spirit that everyone could celebrate World Cup in their own way and CocaCola will always cheer you up.

Maybe you can not watch world cup in South Africa but you can celebrate it in your home and CocaCola will always accompany with you.

Nowaday,Advertisement is not only for introducing functions and features of productions but also for building up brands and spirits thus making advertisement itself more attractive and impressive.

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